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Game News |

Spelunky 2's first area has been patched so it's easier

 Spelunky 2's first area has been patched so it's easier

Spelunky 2's initial Dwelling level has been patched to make it easier, a step towards resolving a lot of players' principal beef with the game. The first levels of Spelunky, 1-1 through 1-4, are called the Dwelling, and this week's patch has tweaked them to be a bit different by changing monster spawns, a common complaint among players. This patch follows an announcement earlier in the week that developer Mossmouth was looking at doing just this following player complaints that area 1 was harder than area 2.

The notes for update 1.12.1e have these superb bits of information: "Tuned monsters spawn chances in Dwelling" and "Added more room variety in the last Dwelling level." Works for me! Players have reported that there are fewer of the blighted, hateful cave moles than once there were. 

The cave moles are such a brutal foe that when we spoke with the game's best players earlier this week, top Spelunky streamer Aaron James "Bananasaurus Rex" Loder said "I don't think I've seen one person who doesn't hate the moles." You can read more of their thoughts on Spelunky 2 in the full interview.

This is excellent news if you, like me, are an absolute scrub at platformers.

These changes are among others, like various fixes to items such as the Ankh during co-op and a bunch of crashes. Like this crash, which is now pretty high up there in my list of best patch notes of 2020: "Fixed crash when cavemen equipped jetpacks or capes."

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