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Toyota Achieves A Major Milestone With The Innova Crysta!

Toyota Kirloskar Motors has announced that it’s Innova MPV has achieved a milestone. The Innova has managed to find more than 10 lakh homes so far across the country. The Innova was introduced in February 2005 as a replacement for the erstwhile Qualis MPV. Since then, Innova has ruled the MPV market despite becoming significantly expensive over the years. The current generation Innova Crysta is priced between ₹16.52 lakh and ₹26.54 lakh. The MPV is offered in multiple seating options and powertrain choices.

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Toyota Innova Crysta: a brief recap

The new Innova Crysta is loaded with a host of features and a much-requested, new connected infotainment system. Starting with the exterior, the new Innova Crysta gets a new trapezoidal piano-black grille with chrome ornamentation that merges into the headlamps, a sharper front bumper design, and diamond-cut alloy wheels for a sporty look. On the safety front, the new Innova Crysta gets seven airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, and Hill Start Assist, along with the addition of a new front clearance sonar (with MID display) to prevent collisions while parking in tight spaces and offer a stress-free driving experience. Speaking about the features and the interiors, the new Toyota Innova Crysta gets a fresh look with the option of the new upholstery color of Camel Tan in the ZX grade.

In line with the latest trend of connected infotainment, and after a lot of requests from Toyota fans, a new and larger Smart Playcast touchscreen audio with Android Auto and Apple Carplay has been introduced in the upgraded Innova. Besides, customers can now enjoy vehicle connectivity features such as real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing, last parked location, and many more as optional accessories in the new Innova Crysta. Some additional features include- the availability of new exterior color – Sparkling Black Crystal Shine, a trapezoidal piano-black grille with chrome surround, a new and sharper front bumper design, a new Diamond-Cut alloy wheel design, new front clearance sonar (with MID Indication) for improved safety, new luxurious interior color of Camel Tan for upholstery (ZX grade only), and an all-new Smart Playcast touchscreen audio with Android Auto/Apple Carplay.

The Innova Crysta comes with two engine options. These include a 2.4-liter diesel producing 148 HP and 360 Nm, as well as a 2.7-liter petrol unit that puts out 164 BHP and 245 Nm. Both engines come with a choice of a 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.

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