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Game News |

Some Apple Vision Pro headsets are cracking up and Reddit's already awash with theories about this costly 'crack-gate'

 Some Apple Vision Pro headsets are cracking up and Reddit's already awash with theories about this costly 'crack-gate'

All devices are susceptible to breakage, particularly those that are designed to be carried around with you on a regular basis. However, you'd hope that a $3,500 wearable would be more robust than most. Think again it seems, as some Apple Vision Pro users have reported unsightly cracks appearing down the middle of the outer screen after light usage, and while some have had their headsets freely replaced, one user has reported being told to pay a significant AppleCare+ deductible to get it fixed.

While you might assume the headsets in question had been subject to some heavy abuse, most of the affected users report that the device was treated carefully (via Gizmodo). Some users have reported cracks appearing while the device is in its travel case while charging, which has fuelled speculation on the r/Vision Pro subreddit that the headset may not properly enter sleep mode when the battery is being charged, causing the device to heat up, expand, and crack the screen at the weakest point of the glass.

Other theories include a "bowing" of the aluminium frame that could be caused by tightening the straps, or glass that has been exposed to extreme temperature variations. 

Redditor TTAPeopleMover has even put together a humorous list of handy tips to keep your device in tip-top condition, including charging the battery while it's floating in mid-air and wearing a neck-mounted fan to keep it cool during usage. 

While some have apparently had their cracked devices replaced for free, one user has reported being told by Apple store employees to pay the AppleCare+ deductible. For reference, that's $299 for "accidental" damage on the Apple Vision Pro. Ouch.

Though if you have to replace a cracked glass cover without the $499 Applecare+ 'protection' you'd be liable for $799 for the privilege.

Crackgate is real from r/VisionPro

Well, far be it from me to suggest that instead of buying a head-mounted fishbowl that makes you look rather silly and may have a tendency to crack, for the same money you could have bought several of our favourite VR headsets instead. Wait, I just did. Never mind.

Virtual reality

(Image credit: Valve)

Best VR headset: which kit should you choose?
Best graphics card: you need serious GPU power for VR
Best gaming laptop: don't get tied to your desktop in VR

In all seriousness, while it's to be expected that the first units of any new device to reach consumers may have some teething issues, given the absolutely stupendous price of the Apple Vision Pro it's no surprise that these cracked screens are causing a bit of a stir, with some already leaping to the inevitable "Crack-gate" nomenclature.

Money doesn't always buy you incredible build quality when it comes to new tech products it seems, as some early Tesla Cybertruck owners have also recently discovered. Turns out they might be susceptible to a bit of dreaded rust

Remember folks, if it's new and shiny and full of hype, there's a real possibility you may end up becoming an unintentional beta-tester for a product that might not have had all its kinks ironed out yet. Early adopters might get their hands on the latest tech early, but there's sometimes a price to pay for being ahead of the curve.

Them's the breaks I'm afraid. Or in this case, the rather large cracks.

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